Perception varies between individuals, giving us the opportunity to investigate, interpret, and select sensory information in unique and deeply personal ways. While touching on the topics of identity and perception, my work primarily deals with the emotional and cognitive response an individual can have to an object. I create objects in order to alter one's perception and connect with the idea of how we perceive one another and ourselves as individuals. 

My practice centers on the ideology of art being the psychological experience that is present within the viewer. I want to present the opportunity for one to interact, explore, and question what it is they are viewer leading to their own understanding and interpretation of the work without being influenced by certain elements that were vital to me while creating. I approach the physicality of my work as a map, it is there to act as a blueprint enticing conversation, presenting space, and raising questions that can only be confronted on their own terms. It is a source of identity, searching for meaning while trying to make sense of experience and the world around you.